The purpose of this web page has changed. The older posts that provided information about the Johnson County criminal justice system will be retained but most of the newer posts will provide information for fact checkers and others that are interested in details about the Iowa criminal justice system.

I have also changed the web page theme so the links to reports are now in the pages titled IOWA REPORTS, JOHNSON COUNTY REPORTS and OTHER REPORTS. This page will be more or less static.

This is an informational web page so there is not much point in having comments. However if you have requests for information or questions you can email me at

A few words about myself. I have been concerned about the overuse of incarceration most of my life but had no time to work on it until after I retired. I moved to Iowa in 1964 to join the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy to teach and do research in astronomy.

I have been doing data analysis for more than sixty years and since 2000 I have been using criminal justice system data to provide results for others that are interested in the details of how the system functions and malfunctions.

Reports about the Iowa criminal justice system provided by John Neff