This is a set of posts selected to be of interest to Iowans and possibly others.

1.0 Introduction About This Web Site

2.0 The Changing  Climate System of the Earth

2.1 Climate System of the Earth

2.2 Comments on Greenhouse Effect

3.0 The Changing Climate of the Iowa River Basin

3.1 River-Basins

3.2 Changes in Iowa Land Use

3.3  Surface flow

3.4  Precipitation & Drought

3.5  Flow Peaks

3.6  Influence of Coralville Reservoir

3.7  List of Findings

4.0 US Army Corp of Engineers Reports

4.1  A brief history of the Coralville Reservoir has been provided by the USACE.

4.2 A climate change study was done for the Coralville  Reservoir watershed.  Coralville Climate Study

4.3 An extensive study of the 1993 flood was done.  1993 Flood Study

4.4 The Mississippi Engineering Time Line makes it very clear that the lower Mississippi Valley has the highest priority and that the Upper Mississippi has the lowest priority. Mississippi Time Line

5.0 Iowa Criminal Justice System Reports

5.1 Incarceration of the Mentally Ill.  Incarceration of the mentally ill

5.2 Race/Ethnicity and the Iowa Criminal Justice System.  Race-Ethnicity And The Criminal Justice System Revised

5.3 53 Ways to become a pedestrian in Iowa. 53 WAYS TO LOSE AN IOWA DRIVER

5.4 Hazards of Drug Use

6.0 Old Johnson County criminal justice system reports that were on an older version of this web site have been removed because they have not been viewed in the past year.