Links to Age Distribution PDF Files

The table gives topic, subtopic, date, title, link to the PDF file and date revised.

Topic Subtopic Date Title Link Revised
 Age Distribution County 6/11/13 County Age Dist. by Race JCO age dist.
 Age Distribution County & Jail 6/12/13 Comparison of Cty. & Jail  Age dists. cty and jail
 Age Distribution Race & length of stay 6/17/13 Age Distributions by Race and LOS set Jail Bed Usage by Age & Race

Links to Introduction, Classification and Trend PDF files

The table gives the topic: subtopic: date: title and a link to the PDF file.

 Topic Subtopic Date Title Link Updated
 Introduction None 6/6/13 Introduction Introduction-WP
Offense Classes & Types None 7/30/13 6 Year Booking Study six year booking study
Incarceration Iowa Counties 6/1JCJ Growth (Updated)3/13 Iowa County Incarceration Iowa incarceration rates
 Trends County 6/6/13 County Pop. Growth JCO Growth
 Trends Jail 6/6/13 Jail Pop. Growth JCJ Growth (Updated)
 Trends Jail 6/6/13 Jail Intake Trends Intake Rate
 Trends  Jail 6/6/13 Estimated Ave. LOS Est. ALOS
 Trends  Arrests 6/9/13 1980-2009 Arrest Trends  1980 to 2009 Arrest rates  6/19/136/26/13
 Trends Arrests 6/9/13 IA & JCO B-group arrest trends IA & JCO B group arrest rates  6/27/13
Trends Arrests 6/11/13 IA & JCO A-group arrest trends IA & JCO A Group Arrest Trends  6/27/13